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The largest and most trusted supplier of agricultural and fertilizer products produced in Uzbekistan

Welcome to Asia max


The only producer of Enersul-grade granulated sulphur from Uzbekistan

Conventional Fertilizers

We offer a range of
standard fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers

We are now proud to
offer organic fertilizers

Granulated Sulphur

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Conventional and Organic Agricultural Fertilizers

Asia Max is the largest trading company of both conventional and organic fertilizers in Uzbekistan

Reliable Quality

Reliable Quality
and Logistics

Fertilizer products from Uzbekistan have a long history of being of the highest quality
Asia Max has established iexpertise in navigating logistics both inside and outside of Uzbekistan
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Enersul Granulated

Asia Max's Monthly Supply Capacity (MT)
Conventional Fertilizers
Organic Fertilizers
NPK Fertilizers
Granulated sulphur

As An Independent Supplier of Fertilizers, Uzbekistan Is Key To Agricultural Independence

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Enersul Sulphur Granulation Plant

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Asia Max in the News

Asia Max has received multiple awards and commendations that reflect its standing in the business world

Mr. A. Vahid Yaghoubi, President and CEO of Asia Max, was awarded the Presidential Medal of the 30th Anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan for establishing Asia Max and building its sulphur granulation plant

The Republic of Uzbekistan

Asia Max is proud to work with Klaipeda Stevedoring in bringing fertilizer to the European Union through Lithuania

Klaipeda Stevedoring

Why Choose Asia Max?

We know that there are options to source fertilizers and agricultural products in the market, but Asia Max is the best choice because we offer high-quality products, reliable delivery, and financial capability

Unrivaled Quality

The quality of our products has been established for decades, and Asia Max continues to delivery these same high-quality products today

Timely Delivery

We have established strong relationships with transportation and logistics companies inside and outside of Uzbekistan that means that your products will be delivered on time and in perfect condition

Favorable Financing

We offer favorable financial terms for our established customers that reduces financial risk
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